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by the baltic countries or russia? you know, ukraine also got guarantees from the west. big countries and small countries. the only thing that regulated this whole thing is international law and if international law is thrown out the window, we are facing chaos and certainly the big powers like the united states and other big powers will be in danger. >> charlie: thank you for coming and taking time to talk to us. good to see you. we'll see you when you come back to the united states. >> charlie: we turn now to the middle east. president obama welcomes israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu to the white house monday. the meeting was part of the president's effort to take a more prominent role in the israeli-palestinian peace talks and will meet with president abbas on march 17. tensions with russia over ukraine are complicating american policies in the middle east. joining me is jeffrey goldberg, interviewed president obama ahead of his meeting with netanyahu and i am pleased to have him back on this program. let me begin with this question -- why would all of us so badly want to interview p
tremendous explosion. tonight, california's congressional delegation weighs in on the crisis in ukraine. russian president putin spoke publicly today on the crisis in the country. it was enough to ease some of the tension, but as craig boss sell tells us, international pressure -- boswell tells us international pressure is mounting. >> just hours after russian soldiers fired warning shots during a stand off with unarmed ukrainian troops, president obama had a new warning. >> president putin has a different set of lawyers making a different seventy interpretations, i think. i don't think that is fooling anybody. >> the white house and putin are going back and forth. in the first extend comment since his troops seized crimea, rush president putin encysted crannies acting president one install the a coo and says russia will take all measures to protect the rights to russian speaking citizens if asked. secretary of state john kerry pushed back. >> i think it is clear that russia has been working hard to create a pretext for being able to invade further. >> president obama says he will cont
the world and indeed the united states will stand with the international community in affirming there will be costs for bringing military intervention in ukraine. >> let's talk it over with juan zarate. good morning, juan. >> good morning, anthony and vinita. >> juan, the thing that strikes me here as clarissa mentioned, if president putin wanted to find a reason to intervene in ukraine, he probably could. >> i think that's right and i think that's why the president had to step out yesterday to send a warning shot and also a message of support to ukrainians and the new prime minister in kiev. and so you're absolutely right. the russians are postured very well in terms of crimea. as you heard clarissa talk about the pretext, really allowing for the russians to say, look we're simply responding to pleas for protection and support in crimea this is a pattern we receive in the past with georgia. i think you've got a real chance of cessation with crimea. >> after hearing the president speak yesterday, it's hard not to see similarities with this situation and
they can occupy them. the international warning to russia to end its invasion is being ignored. today scores of troops believed to be russian surrounded the ukrainian base, their message clear, surrender. the same is happening at other bases in ukraine's crimea region. they have twice asked the base command to surrender. so far they have refused. this is a russian invasion, the u.s. says. it has no doubt these are russian forces and has demanded their immediate withdrawal. >> the russian military must stand down. the aspirations of the ukrainian people must be respected and political dialogue must be allowed to continue. >> reporter: putin told obama that russia has a right to defend its interests and people in ukraine. we've seen it for ourself, this column of armored personnel carriers roaming the roads in crimea where most people are russian while these shadowy pro-russian forces here violently took over government facilities. it has fueled civilian unrest across eastern ukraine. in one city, pro-russia demonstrators rampaged through city hall and brutally beat those who opposed th
on the ukraine crisis, for the first time since effectively taking over crimea. vladimir putin alternately defended his country's actions, and tried to ease international concerns, on a day of conflicting signals. >> woodruff: in crimea, russian forces occupying an air base, fired warning shots today to disperse unarmed ukrainian servicemen. in moscow, russian president vladimir putin said the situation is gradually stabilizing. he insisted that local self- defense forces, not russian troops, had seized ukrainian bases. and he announced an end to military exercises in western russia. still, he insisted his government reserves the right to use force to protect ethnic russians in ukraine. >> reporter: if we see that lawlessness starting in eastern regions too, if people ask us for help we reserve the right to use all options at our disposal to protect those citizens. >> woodruff: on politics, the russian leader said viktor yanukovich is the legitimate president of ukraine but acknowledged he has no political future. and putin suggested moscow might reject the results of any new elections. >>
or land lines they can provide between them and the rest of ukraine. these are strategic installations being targeted which is very concerning at a time when the international community and russia are in and saying it is essential that they escalate the crisis. >> we will stay in response with you. let's take a turn and go to washington. this afternoon you can call it a new game in d.c. the goal is to find the juiciest details and the best nugget in these new clinton papers. the library released more than 4,000 pages of memos and here is just one. during hilary clinton's ill-fated push for health care reform, she told democrats that an individual mandate with republicans pushing would be a tough sell for the white house. the irony. since the mandate requiring people to get coverage is the center of what we know as obamacare,logy bide the gop, let's talk to jake tapper. we had the s.w.a.t. team there going through the pages as i'm sure you have as well. what is your favorite nugget that you found so far? >> there so many. one of the most interesting ones has to do with rahm emmanuel and
of nations around the world, and indeed the united states will stand with the international community in affirming that there will be costs for any military intervention in ukraine. >> president obama's warning to russian president putin against intervening in ukraine. but today russia's parliament granting putin permission to use the country's military in ukraine. what exactly are our options right now? steve yates joins us, former deputy address tant for national security affairs, and distinguished scholar. are we witnessing do you think a serious breakdown of u.s. foreign policy in this? >> i do. i think when we look at several different crises, but this ukranian crisis really brings to the fore. we have an administration that wants to look at these problems in the most minimalist way. so we have a political dispute in the ukraine. and every should just negotiate their way through it peacefully without taking into account that you have a large significant have strategic force like russia that is seeking strategic advantage that frankly is working to indicadate. >> russia is expandi
. >>> describing ukraine's political crisis as a result of a constitutional coup. >>> the president was also asked about putin's statements and said this. >> there is a strong believe that russia aegs action is violating international law. >> andrea mitchell joins me by phone in kiev with the secretary of state. andrea, thank you. you just saw the press conference. what is kerry attempting to do today in this crisis? >> he's attempting to shore off the ukrainian people to tell their interim leaders they can pull this together and resist pressure on in terms of rising energy prices and also the threat of military force, that they can resist pressure from vladimir putin. he was strikingly passion nal having had the moving experience of walking by the square where the resistance took place, seeing the barricade still there, seeing the tires and barbed wire and flower for the martl mart martyrs, the heavenly hundred, all men and one woman who died in the sniper fire. it was an emotional day and business of trying to meet with interim leaders and tell them that the united states will stand with them $1
be allowed to continue. >> reporter: president obama is accusing russia of a breach of international law. in a 90-minute phone call the president urged putin to pull russian forces back to their crimean bases. nato will meet in brussels to discuss the crisis in ukraine. >> a navy fighter jet crashed in nevada. naval authorities say the sea hornet was on a training flight before it crashed 70 miles east of the naval air station at fallon. the faa team can carry two crew, but there is no word on how many people were on board or if they survived. >>> gray skies ore much of peninsula in san carlos astormy weather continues over the bay area. parts of the region saw mild weather and blue skies, but here you can see people held on to their umbrella as they went about their day. >> in southern california mandatory evacuations are in effect for glendora and azusa. a massive mudslide as you can see in the pictures covered much of the town of altadena and los angeles county where heavy rains have created a muddy mess. >> high surf is causing erosion in the malibu area. a high-surf advisory is i
there possibly could be here other than somebody, whether it's the u.s., a combination of international bodies, extending billions of dollars of aid to ukraine or if there's some other outcome that we're not thinking about at the moment. >> well, the united states, the imf, eu are all interested in providing economic assistance, but it has to be tied to economic reforms, and this has been the challenge in the past. russia has moved in with its $15 billion aid proposal without any conditions. they just simply want to make sure that they continue to be a dominant force in the region and have moved in in that particular gap. and so what we have to insist upon is the ukrainian people have to decide for themselves what kind of a future do you want? one in which you can see the kind of prosperity that's been generated in free and open markets as opposed to what you have with high level corruption, capitalism that's gone amok in ukraine, kleptocracy, et cetera. we need to see what kind of reforms they as a people are prepared to make. it's going to take some time. you're not going to change these ins
in ukraine. ... russia. is not contradictory. and we urge russia to utilize the path legallyugh available to its international organizations to address their concerns of the ethnic concerns gimmicky is pausing in reflecting taking his comments.p >> also what president putin said. nts. >> is the white house plan to issue any knew directives that will allow health care insurers some additional time to offer plans that do not currently meet dca requirements? >> i do not have policy announcements regarding that. this time i would refer you to hhs. >> then loan guarantee package as a first order of business, can you expand on any commitments that the president that might happen and whether he has ex plan? >> i don't have any conversations between the president and members of congress to report out. i think that there is ample opportunities and so many members have been speaking about the ukraine for those that they have been speaking to, namely reporters to ask us in the plan to act on a package of assistance to the ukraine which would be an excellent use of their authority in time. thank you
situation in nigeria later in the program. >> woodruff: lawmakers in ukraine have put off forming a new government until thursday, amid ongoing political tensions. they also voted today to send ousted president viktor yanukovych to the international criminal court, if he's ever caught. meanwhile, his temporary successor voiced concerns about signs of separatism in the mainly-russian speaking republic of crimea. james mates of independent television news is in crimea with this report. >> reporter: if ukraine's new leaders are worried about their country splitting in two nowhere is that danger greater than in its southernmost territory, the crimea. the flags you see at demonstrations here are russian. the demands, stop maidan. stop what is happening in kiev. "russia, russia" they shout and demand a referendum on rejoining what they call the motherland. >> crimea and russia is one, it's one nation. >> reporter: are you russian or ukrainian? >> my passport is ukrainian but i am russian. it is in this atmosphere that the new acting president of ukraine told parliament today he was heading to
riot police are now disbanded and the attorney general has ordered an international search for yanukovych. but judicial delays may mean he is already made good his escape. tim friend, al jazeera, kiev. >> and joining me now william taylor, the former u.s. ambassador to ukraine. welcome ambassador. >> thank you very much. >> where do you think ukraine stands towards a solid government in the future? >> they are trying to put together a solid government. from my standpoint the people they have chosen for this new government look good, look solid. they for the most part have some experience but there's also a good amount, good number of new faces which as your report indicates, people in the maidan are very interested in new faces and less interested in old faces. nonetheless there does have to be some competence. after consulting with people in the maidan, the parliament, the rada is going to have to ratify this new government. agree that this cabinet is one they want to move forward. an important part of that i think will be a recognition that this government needs to work f
, international monetary fund, the imf is talking about a billion dollar check sort of an emergency, get you through the knicks little while. new reforms. big reforms are obviously on the table in ukraine financially and economically. >> but a billion is not going to last all that long. >> no. >> thank you very much. >> now on to the weather. which a lot of us are experiencing. much of the country is in deep freeze. but in southern california flood fears now have officials and residents keeping a close watch on the charred hillsides. mantry vexes and a flash flood watch in effect for the foothill communities of glendora and azusa outside of los angeles. the hillsides have been devastated by wildfire quite recently. crews and residents have been working around the clock to fill sandbags for protection from mudslides and debris floes. this storm is expected to bring an inch of rain per hour. officials have handed out 18,000 sandbags and that is enough to cover four miles if it is placed end to end. >> standing by now, al jazeera meteorologist is tracking all the conditions. kevin. >> joie, as
with the international community in affirming that there will be costs for any military interconvention in ukraine. >> now crimea's pro-russian leader has claimed control of that area but at this hour the acting ukrainian president signing a decree ruling his actions are illegal we will have more on this with governor mike huckabee coming up. while you were sleeping. scary moments under the american airlines flight after a plane was hit by birds. we heard this of before it happened after taking off from dallas. the plane was heading to washington, d.c. but was forced to turn around. it did land safely back in texas. there was some minor damage to the left engine. no one was hurt. three people are lucky to be alive after an after burries a house in monday tan. >> that the next thing i know the wires were just bouncing back and for the. we thought its an earthquake or somebody hit a telephone pole. we weren't sure what happened. and then all of a sudden here comes the fire department banging on our door. >> check it out. part of the house left lying on its side. the snow also buried an elderly coupl
and a russian defense official is discussing ukraine with nato members in brussels as well. so, in this swirl of diplomacy russia's and the west's end games are beginning to emerge. washington and berlin are pushing a plan that would include international observers to replace the russian or pro-russian forces in crimea direct talks between moscow and kiev and new elections in may. now, the russians on the other hand, want to see a return of the ousted ukrainian leader victor yanukovych, he would head a national unity government and new elections in december. so, there's a gulf between these two sides. clearly. and that will be whittled down perhaps over the next number of days, but at least, carl they are talking again. and, by the way, if that doesn't work, don't expect to see russian forces pulling back in crimea anytime soon that could become the new norm. back to you, carl. >> one question, you know, you talk about the presence of the pro-russian forces. is it the sense where you are that putin blinked as "usa today" puts it today or that he simply quit while he was
all we have is paris. i am cheryl casone and we have a high stake meeting in ukraine going on right now with john kerry and his russian counterpart meeting in the city of life. tensions are mounting it crimea as protesters taught international observers. also happening here, clashing over the irs, the chairman cutting the mike on congressman elijah cummings.
games has been replaced by an international crisis as russia flexes its military might. how should president obama respond to a crucial test of his leadership after russia sent troops into the cry meania peninsula, which is part of the ukraine? secretary of state john kerry calls it an invasion and ukraine has mobilized its army now. it is our top issue this morning. president obama spoking with president putin of russia on saturday after warning there will be costs should russia intervene. i'm joined this morning by the secretary of state john kerry, and exclusively by republican senator marco rubio of fl
-to-face meeting since the ukraine crisis escalated. lavrov speaking earlier today, reaffirming his country's commitment to protect russians in crimea. he also chastised the international community to reacting to what he said was wrongly to the unrest in ukraine. >>> and yahoo! is going to stop letting consumers access various online services including fantasy football and flikr by signing in with facebook credentials. it will require users to register a yahoo! i.d. in order to use any of the internet services. add one extra password to your list that you can forget and then have to do the whole lost password thing all over again. >>> then in washington the house passing a bill to protect millions of homeowners and businesses from dramatic increases in their flood insurance premiums. that bill would limit annual increases of any individual policy under the national flood insurance program to no more than 18%. the cap, an affordability target were among the changes that democrats and republicans agreed to in revamping the bill initially approved by the senate earlier this year. >>> the feder
.s. should take steps to stablize the economy in ukraine. that is your money he is talking about there, saying that warning, russia that this could end up being financially very costly for them and calling for international monitors to come into the situation and mediate it. so we're keeping an eye on that situation. the market turning a bit lower as the president was speaking there. we're down 170 points there on the dow right now. turning back to markets, shares of the energy darling, solarcity falling today ahead of its expected earnings report. so far it is just a minor bump in the road for elon musk's other company. solarcity climbing over 40% since the start of the year but can you really be a believer in company that has never earned a dime, it has never earned a profit? the topic of today's solar powered "wall street throwdown." jonas max farris is in the bear corner. he is a fox news contributor and representing the solarcity bulls, president of a and g capital, hilary kramer. [blows whistle] melissa: there we go. that is how we know it started. hillary, make the bull case. wh
keene joins us with a preview of "bloomberg surveillance." >> ukraine is very much in focus. blood amid putin starts his news conference -- vladimir putin starts his news conference in moscow. will have the lead american at the international monetary fund four years. assiste imf can do to and where the imf fits in to the scheme of things if the west confronts russia. we will talk to the global strategist from pimco, the russia.e about ge >> looking forward to that. showing live pictures. president putin has started his news conference. it is live in the moscow region. we will give you headlines from that. it will be interesting to see what john lipsky has to say. the imf has now arrived in kiev. tom keene with "bloomberg surveillance" and about 25 minutes. tweed. over to you. iconancine, i am with an of the hotel business. he started with the nightclubs in new york and moved onto the boutique hotels. global.aken his brand the marriott hotels. to rollls are going out 100 locations around the world. he has been awarded the lifetime achievement award by the hotel investment for him. -- for
. that is not near ukraine. that is some more up to the northwest of russia. over scandinavia as well. >> we want to talk about a couple of retailers that are in turnaround mode internally. sears holdings reporting this morning. $3.37 per share. jcpenney reported result yesterday -- they give a forecast in sales that seemed to signal a little but of turnaround. let's bring in craig johnson, the president of customer growth partners, which offers strategic counseling into retail and consumer service sectors. to these latest report cards from sears and jcpenney change the story on their turnaround efforts? here is a real mixed bag of stories. jcpenney has been in intensive care and at least the doctors are showing up and they are making slow but steady progress against getting out of a deep hole. with sears, you have a grand old name in american retailer and it is heading downhill and nobody is stepping on the brakes. it has been a stunning debacle. the latest numbers today were not a huge surprise. >> i guess the backdrop is that we live in a bifurcated america. the middle class is getting squeeze
and talk with real live people instead. saturday is international women's day. day for celebrating the social, political and economic achievements of women around the world. as for today, all eyes are on the confrontation in ukraine. let's go to bob schieffer in washington for look what's ahead on "face the nation." good morning, bob. >> schieffer: good morning, charles, they should be. we'll talk this morning to both secretary of state john kerry and secretary of defense chuck hagel. >> osgood: we'll be watching. and next week here on "sunday morning." all that jazz. fiber that's taste-free, grit-free and dissolves completely. so you can feel free to add it to anything. and feel better about doing it. better it with benefiber. lemme just get this out of here. to go. unlike some places, we don't just change your oil. our oil offer comes with a four-tire rotation and a 27-point inspection. and everything looked great. actually, could you leave those in? sure. want me to run him through the car wash for you, too? no, no, i can't. and right now get acdelco professional durastop brake
they think could be repercussions from the international community? >> well, kerry is on his way here. he wants to do two things. one, prop up ukraine by directly expressing support for ukraine. some think this russian intervention adds impetus to is push to a russian-led apec, which comes later in the week. on the other hand, he may want to punish russia with whatever leverage they have. he spent the better part of yesterday on the phone with a whole host of leaders. have a listen. >> it is really 19th century behavior in the 21st century. there is really no way to start with, if russia persists in this, that the g-8 countries are going to assemble in sochi. that's a starter. >> and one thing, he's been talking about the ruble weakening. we're seeing more of that today or the prospect of more of that happening today. so i think kerry thinks, and the u.s. thinks, that some of russia, that asome of the punishment for russia will be self-inflicted. they are also talking about asset freezes, visa bans. the u.s. does $40 billion in trade with russia. kicking russia out of the g-8, or at least
about what russia has told the ukraine about why they have invaded. >> we still have not received any compelling answer to the simple question, why are the military forces of russian fedration illegally occupying crimea and brutally violating international law and bilateral agreements? >> david rode, how hard is it for russian diplomats to come up with some form of an answer to this country why they've rolled in? >> well, they've frankly just created this fiction about what's happening in ukraine, that russians are under threat, and there's absolutely no evidence avenof that from journalists on the ground. and it's scary, this k0e8d war rhetor rhetoric. this is really about putinism. it's a -- that sees our bickering as weakness. we're all dignitiering and divided in the west and when we get caught up in partisan games in a crisis like that it actually encourages people like putin. he thinks we're not going to respond. he thinks we'll pick fights with each other over short-term politics and he'll get away with this. >> steve, richard haas said something today that -- he said whenever
involves is bringing in international observers to basically look after the interest of ethnic russians, a key putin concern. by the way, administration officials say that concern is bogus at this point. ethnic russians aren't being threatened in ukraine and willing to put in observers and merckel almost acting like an intermediary between the president and vladimir putin at this point according to the senior administration official. >> i also understand the white house -- there was a white house official disputed the notion that vladimir putin was somehow unhinged. how would they describe putin, his state of mind? >> reporter: well, at this point, anderson, they really think that he is acting in his own self interest and they say that this is a consistent pattern of behavior. we'll call it angela merckel said and quoted in "the new york times" saying putin is in another world and what the white house saying with the senior administration official is saying that, no, they believe that putin is really threatened by these forces that are sort of unraveling in ukraine, that any popular jup
between russia and ukraine. secretary of state john kerry and ukraine's foreign minister are meeting in paris while nato leaders meet in brussels. more on this ant tend tense dess the situation. >> reporter: exactly right, eric. high-level talks and diplomacy under way. the international community is getting together in an effort to try to de-escalate the situation. even vladimir putin is now saying, he's nots looking for a fight. the u.s. and other nations are still trying to diffuse the standoff in ukraine. in paris, secretary of state john kerry met with the foreign ministers of ukraine and great britain before talks with russia. >> there are very clear legal obligations that are at risk in this, and we're going to talk about those here this morning. >> reporter: yesterday the secretary blasted vladimir putin's invasion of crimea. >> it is not appropriate to invade a country and at the end of a barrel of a gun dictate what you are trying to achieve. >> reporter: in crimea, tensions remain high. with russian and ukrainian troops staring each other down. putin says he ordered troops
happens tomorrow and the rest of today. allison, thanks very much. that's it for me. for our international viewers, am am am amanpour is next. "newsroom" starts right now. >>> i'm brianna keilar in for brook baldwin. president obama and his secretary of state reject russia's reasoning for what's happening in ukraine. right now ukrainian ministry officials say at least 16,000 russian troops are in ukraine's heavily pro-russia state of cr if the m imea. but john kerry who visited the capitol of kiev and president obama insisted what vlad
resolution that will deliver democracy to ukraine. >>> still ahead on "today in the bay" covered california may not have you covered after all. the glitch leaving thousands of people without health care. >>> plus, a new $82 million terminal at mineta san jose international airport and why you may never see the inside of it. >>> and we are watching your weather forecast for you. we know we have lots of my crow climates all around the bay. we'll tell you what's happening in yours. >>> well, we definitely needed the rain and we certainly have gotten a lot of it. we're going to tally it up for you. christina loren has those figures as we look live at the port of oakland and near the taylor exit ramp off of 87 that was flooded yesterday. we'll show you what's happening with it today. >>> a fugitive wanted for two bay area bombings is now being featured on billboards all across the nation. daniel andreas san diego is accused of setting off pipe bombs in a biotechnology company in emeryville in 2003. that same year he allegedly bombed a nutritional products corporation in pleasanton. over the past
're not going to be able to get out of this international crisis that they find themselves in. and i fear that what's going to happen is the same thing all over again. is that some of the people that the oligarchs are worried about inside ukraine are worried about their own private wealth, and they may even be sending to people to moscow to try to get some kind of agreement. that may be great news as far as defusing the crisis is concerned, but that will only mean that you are freezing the corruption in the economy and, therefore, we may very well be seen this crisis continue again in the future. >> i guess i would simply offer that, first of all i'm glad you're underscoring this point, because a good friend of mine, former ambassador to poland lee feinstein just would get these on foreign where he pointed out at the end of the cold war poland and ukraine copper precise country for less had about the same or capital gdp. the ukraine was slightly ahead at that point and a poland is three times richer per person. it's just to underscore the gravity of this economic stagnation tha
so that the people -- confidence so that the people of ukraine can continue to move rward and develop some financial security in this transitional period. this is also critical in that this occurs as a bridge before the international monetary fund weighs in. the international monetary fund, obviously needs to have a stable government to deal with. it also needs to have and will ask for reforms, transparency, rule of law, some financial controls to get the ledger solidified in ukraine. and that is what they should do. so the important aspect of this debate is that the individual countries that have concern about the stability of what's formerly called the captive nations, the eastern block, now countries that want to be in the european community, a free, democratic institutions that there has to be a bridge so that obviously the chaos that has been involved in the country of ukraine will not continue post the departure of their president and that stability can reign. i call upon the ream of ecrane to keep the faith and work hard and move forward on these reforms. i call upon the govern
firmly condemning russia's actions. and both kerry in ukraine and president obama back home are sending the same decisive message, that russia needs to de-escalate or face international pressure. >> our partners will have absolutely no choice but to join us to continue to expand upon steps we have taken in recent days in order to isolate russia politically, diplomatically and economically. >> we're prepared to make sure that the rights of all ukrainians are upheld. >> reporter: the u.s. will keep up the pressure today, but the russians keep pushing back. george. >> they do, martha. okay, to abc's terry moran on the ground in ukraine. all through the crisis. he joins us now. after the missile launch talk yesterday now some talk about anti-missile batteries in the yun crane. >> reporter: absolutely, george. it's a military standoff here as you can see behind me. an interesting thing, ukrainian soldiers, russian soldiers sharing a smoke, a laugh but they all know if given the orders they'll fight and russia keeps tightening the screws here as you just pointed out. two more anti-missile bat
. it's a violation of russia's international obligations under various agreements. the u.s. just doesn't know whether putin is moving toward a confrontation across ukraine that would challenge the new government in kiev, or whether this is really going to be limited to the areas most strategic to russia in the crimea, where the russian fleet is based. as one person said it to me last night, we're really playing this by ear. secretary kerry had strong words about the diplomatic and economic consequences that russia will pay for this action, but it's obvious in every statement that's made that the u.s. does not seek, does not want a military challenge to this action. i was told that not a ship is moving in the mediterranean, not a troop from nato garrisons has been put on maneuvers that might be seen as provocative. so for the moment, the response is very much diplomatic, economic, perhaps sanctions. >> so, david, now that we understand that americans now understand seemingly that president putin does not care what we think, does not care about the language that secretary kerry used yest
crisis. the new prime minister insisting crimea most remain a part of ukraine. they have plans to discuss the civil war. defusing the growing issues over the takeover of crimea. nato take taking the issue direy with russia. meantime russia test fires a ballistic missile as international team of military observers heads to crimea. joining us with thoughts. fox news military analyst. what a situation. how big of a deal is that? >> john, what is interesting about that is they thought they were going to do it, but the reality is putin could have said we will hold off on the test firing considering all the things going on. instead he had the missile fired. it is a reminder or should be a reminder to all of us the russians still have a very capable nuclear power, over 1500 of those missiles and they could go 6500 miles, further than from moscow to los angeles. just a reminder the russians are not playing around. is it a threat? no. but if he decides to use it, it is. jon: it makes one wonder about the wisdom of scrapping the antimissile shield we had agree holding the czech republic to hold on
, there were all sorts of ways consistent with international law to protect them, but mr. putin acted unilaterally. he violated any number of international undertakings and obligations. i would not put great weight on their position. >> all the while, richard, ukraine is deep in a financial crisis. our market here is down 216 points today as some of this fallout continues. it needs that economic package. it's on the brink of bankruptcy. what's the likelihood that it can reach one of those very key packages without russian participation? >> well, the principle it could, but you make a good point. you have a degree of political disarray in kiev. so what i'm beginning to think about is it's going to be very hard to negotiate a large long-term economic package with an uncertain political leadership in kiev. so what we might need to think about is tranching it. maybe have a couple of billion dollars go there essentially unconditionally just to keep things glued together. and then to have a larger package that would be negotiated over the course of the next couple of weeks or months where c
up. one of the most honest men, steve. >> thank you very much. fox news alert out of the ukraine. scrambling interceptor aircraft to stop russian fighter jets overnight. is putin no longer listening to america's tough talk? >> the united states will stand with the international community in affirming that there will be costs if there is military intervention. >> i think it would be a mistake and this would set in motion so many different dynamics that are not in anyone's interest. >> he's going to lose on the international stage. russia is going to lose. the russian people are going to lose. he's going to lose all of the glow that came out of the olympics. he is not going to have a sochi g8. he may not remain in the g8. >> i don't think he cares. joining us is a member of the house foreign affairs committee, illinois congressman adam kinkingser. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> it's great to have you here in new york city. so far in this, putin is winning. >> yeah. it appears so. let's be very clear about something, this reset with russia is over. it's gone. it's been gon
because he's getting a lot of criticism over the fact that vladimir putin has invaded ukraine and the united states hasn't been able to do much about it. the reality is there isn't a lot we can do. he's trying to rally the international community behind some limited political pressure, diplomatic pressure, perhaps economic sanctions although those haven't happened yet and the president made the argument when meeting with the israeli prime minister netanyahu that russia has to realize it's chosen the wrong course in the crimea. >> i think the strong condemnation it's received from countries around the world indicates the degree to which russia is on the wrong side of history on this. >> of course, the president's critics at home including his 2008 rifle john mccain say the failure to act is precisely the problem and has emboldened vladimir putin. >> this is the ultimate result of a feckless foreign policy where nobody believes in america's strength anymore. >> now, we've got secretary of state john kerry going to kiev tomorrow. he will meet with the new ukrainian government. tr
sending troops to ukraine, russian president vladimir putin is speaking out defending the occupation of crimea and saying military force is possible. we're going to talk about putin's next move with chief international correspondent. [ male announcer ] if you have yet to master the quiet sneeze... [ sneezes ] [ male announcer ] you may be an allergy muddler. try zyrtec® for powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec® is different than claritin® because it starts working faster on the first day you take it. zyrtec®. love the air. [ sneezes ] where their electricity comes from. they flip the switch-- and the light comes on. it's our job to make sure that it does. using natural gas this power plant can produce enough energy for about 600,000 homes. generating electricity that's cleaner and reliable, with fewer emissions-- it matters. ♪ to truck guys, the truck is everything. and when you put them in charge of making an unbeatable truck... ... good things happen. this is the ram 1500. the 2014 motor trend truck of the year and first ever back-to-back champion. guts. glory. ram. >>> we beg
you. >> the president of the foreign affairs committee, i would like to ask you. international committee inquired into the responsibilities that toled 80 ukrainians trying expect democracy. a change in power is not enough of a sanction. i would like to invite the european government to receive ukraine wantsthe the government has been appointed. it is in the interest of both sides -- what do you think? >> thank you very much. -- delegation [indiscernible] we were involved in meetings last week with representatives of the institutions and the president at the time. and we will continue to have these discussions and we will accept invitations to meet with these governments. we have always taken the view that we should be involved in discussions for both parties, this is an inclusive process that will make a genuine antribution to establishing state where future for the country. that is the offer we hope the country will take up and we hope they will get endorsement from that from the european parliament. >> thank you very much. colleagues,ner, chance to up the build a prosperous a
on the international crisis in ukraine. the latest on diplomatic efforts overseas, and a grass roots campaign for peace starting here in the bay area. >>> plus, the bay area is drying out from the last winter storm, but the system is now pushing east causing problems in the midwest. >> how many people can get stoned and still have a great state or a great nation? >> governor jerry brown weighing in on the debate over legal marijuana and then warns of a state where too many people are stoned. >>> hello, everyone. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> and i'm diane dwyer. we begin wit a
. it is an unambiguous violation of the territorial ukraine. it is a breach of international law. we can see no justification for these actions. we have heard from russia that the forces are in ukraine to protect minorities from old radicals. we had claims of interference in the affairs of the orthodox church. we have claims of hundreds of thousands of refugees. russia has provided no evidence for any of this. it is clear that these claims have simply been fabricated to justify russian military action. in assuming control in a sovereign part of ukraine, the russian federation has contravened its obligations is a member of the international community. it has violated article two of the human charger which prohibits the use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state. it has failed to honor its international commitments as a founding member and is a signatory to the 1975 helsinki final act. it has taken back its obligations of the treaty on friendship and cooperation by russia and ukraine. the russian representative claims that mr. yanukovych has called fo
affect russians are protected. the everraded barbs in evolving international crisis in the ukraine. troops have docked warships and surrendered military bases. vladimir putin now blames the west for creating the environment that led to the ouster of the ukrainian president he insists he said forces in recently to help protect affect russians to face persecution. >> they were self-defense teams. it will be completely legitimate. and correspond to international law. >> the obama administration says no threat exists. >> it is not appropriate to invade a country and at the end of a barrel of the gun dictate what you are trying to achieve. injohn kerry was in tf -- a package that will help the ukrainian economy. he said sanctions against russia will backfire and while he does not want to start a fight, moscow reserves the right to protect russians in that country. >> on the diplomatic front, secretary kerry is slated to meet with his russian counterpart wednesday. officials are scheduled to meet with nato officials in brussels. jay korff, abc 7 news. >> dramatic moments outside of the w
will meet with his russian counterpart in paris today to discuss the ukraine. >> president obama talked about a possible solution or at least resolution with german chancellor murkle. international monitors would ensure ethnic russians in ukraine are protected. and russian president vladimir putin calls the invasion a humanitarian mission to protect those russians who are living in ukraine. putin also said he would use force if needed. >> once they are there, there's -- [ no audio ] >> the united states is considering economic sanctions against russia as well. president putin though says economic sanctions wouldn't deter him. russian firms have already lost nearly $60 billion on the stock market over in moscow over worries about the ukrainian invasion. the united states is also offered ukraine's new government a $1 billion loan guarantee and technical assistance. >>> you should expect to see an increased police presence at montgomery college campuses today. >> this is after a second message threatening a mass aschool shooting was -- massive school shooting was found in a stair well. >>
and begs the international community for help. >> we are on the brink of disaster. >> we'll go to ukraine for the latest nice. we'll hear from secretary of state john kerry and secretary of defense chuck hagel. we'll have analysis on all of it from our panel of experts and with russia once more in the news we'll look back at a milestone "face the nation" interview. 60 years of news because this is "face the nation." captioning sponsored by cbs >> schieffer: good morning again there are developments from overnight on the crisis in ukraine. russian president sad her putin has moved troops in to crimea that is region where mostly russian speaking population, a move that the ukrainian prime minister says is a declaration of war. vladimir putin and president obama spoke yesterday for 90 minutes a conversation the white house described as the toughest of the obama presidency. as for ukraine, a new government there is mobilizing its reserves and authorizing the call up of all men under the age of 40. cbs news correspondent is in kiev, charlie, people are again out in the square, what's going on
is a big problem. >> it is a violation of international law. >> plus new developments in ukraine as tensions escalate with thousands of russian troops reportedly moving in. >> i borrowed the hat and thought i'd pass it on and get some money for the pizza. >> and what a fast food chain paid for morrell's hat. >> good evening. i'm jan jeffcoat. >> i'm bruce johnson. >>> we're in for a frigid night and that's not good for our already slick roads. the federal government, the d.c. government both running on a two-hour delay tomorrow. metrobuses will resume operations, but only on certain busy routes. >> topper declared tomorrow a yellow alert, so let's find out how cold it's getting overnight. >> we did it for two reasons, one the frigid air and slick spots in the morning. it's 0 in manassas, 5 in leesburg, 3 in winchester, then cumberland and 2 below in culpeper. those are straight temperatures. so record lows, d.c. record low is 4. that's probably safe set back in 1873. the record low at dulles is 6. we'll break that because we're already 5 and we've broken the low this morning at 5
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